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Should I Get a Silk Rug?

Silk Rug | Westport Flooring

There is no mistaking the stunning beauty of silk rugs. Each serves as a timeless centerpiece, with the artistry and ability to transform an entire room. Featuring striking color, intricate detail, and shimmering woven texture, a silk Persian rug is more than a home furnishing. It’s an investment!Sometimes, as homeowners,…

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The Best Rug Materials in a Home with Pets

The Best Rug Materials in a Home with Pets | Westport Flooring

As many families know, a home with pets is a home with extra love, lots of snuggles, and, of course, unexpected accidents! We love our pets and want them to be everywhere we are, and taking a few thoughtful considerations will prepare our homes for the fun activity with our…

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