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The Best Rug Materials in a Home with Pets

As many families know, a home with pets is a home with extra love, lots of snuggles, and, of course, unexpected accidents! We love our pets and want them to be everywhere we are, and taking a few thoughtful considerations will prepare our homes for the fun activity with our furry friends. In addition to the texture, color, and visual interest that a stylish area rug can lend to a room, they add extra protection for our surfaces against claws, liquid spills, accidents, and knocked-over items. We have all of the chic rug options you will love available in every size, shape, and visual that you can imagine. So, which rugs will be the best fit for all the members of your household? Here’s a quick guide from the team at Westport Flooring and Interiors in Denver to the best rug materials in a home with pets.


In an active home with playful pets, woven wool rugs will serve you well! Wool is an inherently stain-resistant fiber with natural oils that resist dirt and make wool rugs easy to keep clean as a result. Simply take a broom to loosen up pet hair on the woven wool rug surface and be sure to have your vacuum and beater bar set at the highest setting before vacuuming. Tufted wool rugs are also a sound rug construction, but it’s best to avoid knotted or loop pile rugs that pet claws and nails can snag. All wool rugs naturally give warmth underfoot and your pets will enjoy this quality along with you!


For your entranceways, it’s always wise to add olefin rugs for defense against dirt, debris, mud, winter slush, and even pets! When your pets run back inside from the great outdoors, olefin rugs withstand moisture and stains with ease. This durable material is also highly resistant to scratching, chewing, and general foot and paw traffic. Although it’s a no-brainer to add these indoor-outdoor rugs at doorways, porches, and garages, many modern-day varieties are stylish enough to be used wherever you anticipate your pets will love to chill.


When designing rooms with pets in mind, cotton area rugs will allow you to capture a natural look and wool-like feel that is still easy to maintain and also affordable. Since cotton fibers dye exceptionally well, you will receive tremendous color clarity from your rug that in many cases can also be machine-washed! We recommend flat-weave and hand-woven constructions that are better suited to handle the rigors of daily pet life. Since cotton rugs are not as durable as other fibers, they represent savvy low-cost options while your younger pets are still learning how to behave indoors. Indulge in your favorite bold design and replace if needed until your pets begin to mellow!


We often recommend polyester area rugs for an active family that will experience many unexpected spills, tracked-in dirt, and assorted messes. This also makes them a great fit for pets! Polyester fibers are extremely durable, can handle regular wear-and-tear, and resist fading as well. Your design options with polyester rugs may not be as wide-ranging as with fibers, but you will find great price points throughout and even recycled P.E.T. options that are ready for adventures indoors.

No matter what your favorite pet-friendly rug material is, consider a dark color since these shades will help disguise dirt and stains, and remember that patterns will always help make stains and pet hair less visible. You can also try to coordinate the color of your pet’s fur to colors found within the rug to better camouflage loose hair.

Have questions? The team at Westport Flooring and Interiors in Denver is here to help! Be sure to shop our to explore our full online selection. Make sure to take advantage of the Rugs.Shop Fall Sale to save up to 50% on rugs before October 31st, 2020, and save on pet-friendly rugs for every room!