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Mohawk Cottage Villa White Weathered Pine CAD73-8

Cottage Villa

White Weathered Pine

  • 8
  • Colors Available
Mohawk Cottage Villa Cheyenne Rock Oak CAD73-5
Cheyenne Rock Oak
Mohawk Cottage Villa Chocolate Glazed Maple CAD73-6
Chocolate Glazed Maple
Mohawk Cottage Villa White Weathered Pine CAD73-8
White Weathered Pine
Mohawk Cottage Villa Beechwood Cream Oak CAD73-9
Beechwood Cream Oak
Mohawk Cottage Villa Barnhouse Oak CAD73-1
Barnhouse Oak
Mohawk Cottage Villa Canyon Echo Oak CAD73-2
Canyon Echo Oak
Mohawk Cottage Villa Honeytone Oak CAD73-3
Honeytone Oak
Mohawk Cottage Villa Midday Mocha Oak CAD73-4
Midday Mocha Oak

Product Attributes

Collection Cottage Villa
Color White Weathered Pine
Shade Light
Species Pine
Surface Type Texture
Surface Texture Embossed
Edge Micro/Micro
Width 7 1/2"
Length 47.25 Inches
Thickness 8 mm
Location All Grades
Look Wood
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